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The mountain starts with the first stone

From the Paleolithic and Neolithic times (olden times ), when the primitive did not know the iron , he used the stone to meet the needs, including building the house. The use of rocks in the construction of dwellings in Iran dates back to 7,000 years ago. Iran "is one of the few countries in the world, that have diversity in type of natural gems. They have variety in designs and colors. Iran Stone extraction capacity annually reach to 27 million tons of rocks and processing capacity is more than 160 million square meters, which is one of the significant advantages. The use of stones with large blocks has begun, and with the advent of science and technology gradually reduced its weight and more attention to color, smoothness, texture and strength of stone, and now more than beautiful plaques with color, nice polishing, Little diagonal will used. AXCICO., actively with expert team will consult and help you to identify stone types. AXCICO can assist you in marketing, selling, importing and exporting a different kind of stone business which relies on the principle of customer satisfaction, so you can get the best deal. Be with us.



International Stone Show


International Stone Show


International Stone Show


International Stone Show